Installation Gallery

Esther School

Installation Gallery

Esther School

Multiple Projects at Esther School

Over the last couple of years, Sunray has installed a range of Solar Systems for the Esther School, which totals more than 20kW of AC output, 16kW of PV Panels and more than 115kW.h of storage. These systems are used to power various classrooms, staff houses and other facilities. Some of the systems have comprehensive monitoring and includes our first bi-directional inverter installation.

In addition to the new installations, Sunray has also upgraded several existing systems.

Installed systems include

  • 3kW Low Frequency Inverter for classroom plugs and lighting with online monitoring;
  • 3kW Low Frequency Inverter for the guest-house;
  • 5kVA High Frequency inverter for a computer lab.

System Setup

5kVA High frequency

3kW Low frequency

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