As part of our expansion to become a major supplier of renewable energy products and services in Zambia, Sunray Power Company is proud to announce it’s  Sunray Partner Program (SPP)

This program is open to Zambian businesses and/or individuals who currently sell, or intend to sell solar products.

Partner Levels

Become a Partner:

  • Complete a Training Workshop
  • Initial purchase of K50 000 or more

Upgrade to a Silver Partner:

  • Annual purchases must surpass K200 000

Upgrade to a Gold Partner:

  • Annual purchases must surpass K500 000

Advantages of becoming a Partner


All levels of partners will receive discount on products. This discount vary according to Partner level on a sliding scale model.

Partners and their employees will also receive discounts on all future training events, of which completion is a requirement to upgrade to higher tiers in the program.

Agent Promotion

Your business will be listed on Sunray’s website and Facebook page.


Sunray’s vast experience will be at your disposal.

Website Portal

Partners will be given access to Sunray’s web portal, which will give them access to the latest up to date price-lists, design tools, marketing material, information, product brochures as well as our live  stock levels and online order platform

Product Line-Up

Partners will get access to Sunray’s product line-up and benefit from our extensive testing and market research. This includes the entire range of Victron Products which Sunray stocks in Lusaka.

Marketing Material

Sunray will make professionally designed marketing material available to all levels of Partners.



Sunray will share a special Dropbox folder with information, circulars, pre-designed kits, firmware updates, downloadable price-lists and other technical information.

Requirements to Apply

Applicants need to fulfill these 4 conditions:

  1. Must be a registered Zambian business (Company or Individual) selling/intending to sell solar products.
  2. Have an active Zambian Bank Account with any of the Major banks.
  3. Agree to Sunray’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Successfully complete Sunray’s Basic Solar Training Course within 3 months after registration.

After receipt of application, we will review your application. Account approval will allow you to access our website portal and online shop. These links will automatically appear on the top-right of the website.


How to become a partner:

The Process

Step 1:

Register an online account using your email address and fill in the Partner Program Application form. You will need high quality copies of the following documents ready for upload:

  • Positive identification (NRC/ID/Passport)
  • Proof of bank account (Bank Statement/Stamped letter of account)
  • Company certificate of incorporation
  • Company profile (Optional)


Step 2:

After submission, you can immediately register your online Shop account and start browsing stock items, stock levels and our retail prices.


Step 3:

Sunray will review your application. Please allow up to 1 week to process your information.

Successful applicants will receive a purchasing account with Sunray which is linked to your online shop, as well as access to our website Portal from where you can link a Dropbox account and start using our online design tools.

Your Partner price will now appear in the Online shop along with the RRP.

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