Solar Reading Lamp & Light Kits


Solar reading lamp with high-efficiency LED light.


  • Free rotation of lamp body for best lighting angle.
  • Two levels of brightness, 20 lm at low intensity setting and 30 lm at high intensity setting.
  • Can charge the lamp with solar or with electricity using a Nokia 2mm plug adaptor, or any 5V output adaptor with patch cord.
Power Battery Charging Time Solar Panel Lighting time with fully charged battery Lighting time with battery charged by solar for one day
0.5W 3.7V 600mAh 8 hours 0.5 W Low intensity: 12 hours
High intensity: 7 hours
Low intensity: 6+ hours
High intensity: 4+ hours

Solar Generators


Integrated solar light/radio/phone charger kit.



  • System box with charge controller, battery and radio with MP3 player
  • USB Phone charger
  • AC to DC adapter
  • LED high efficiency bulbs
Solar Generator
Solar Generator
                  Model                   Solar Panels Battery LED Lamp with cables Radio, Phone charger, MP3 Adaptor: AC 220V to DC 15V
FL-SFK05-1007P 1 x 10W 12V 7AH 2 x 3W Yes 1A
FL-SFK05-2012P 2 x 10W 12V 12AH 4 x 3W Yes 2A


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