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The CANvu GX is a product in the Victron GX Product Family.


The Venus GX is the communication-centre of your installation. Venus allows you to talk to all components in your system and ensure they are working in harmony. Monitoring of live data, and changing settings is performed by using your smartphone (or other device) via our free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM)


The Color Control GX is the communication-centre of your installation. It offers at-a-glance live information, and lets you control all products connected to it. Full system control is gained – almost anywhere in the world – by accessing your Color Control GX using our free-to-use Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM)


This all-new communication-centre allows you to always have perfect control over your system from wherever you are and maximises its performance. Simply connect through our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access directly, using the separate GX Touch 50, a MFD or our VictronConnect App thanks to its added Bluetooth capability. This latest addition to the GX-range combines all the best of connectivity, redefining smart power solutions in every way.

Stock Code Description Net weight Gross weight Carton size
VBPP900450100 Cerbo GX 0.3655 0.416 6x22x12 cm
VADA500100100 DIN35 adapter small (2 pcs) 0.06 0.07 2x20x21 cm
VADA500140100 DIN35 adapter medium (2 pcs) 0 0 0
VADA500180100 DIN35 adapter large (2 pcs) 0 0 0
VBPP900455050 GX Touch 50 0.3665 0.417 6x22x12 cm
VBPP900460050 GX Touch 50 adapter for CCGX cut-out 0.14 0.2 4,5x21x14 cm
VBPP900465050 GX Touch 50 Wall Mount 0.12 0.2 4,5x21x13,5 cm
VBPP010300100R Color Control GX Retail 0.321 0.425 19.5×16.2×5.3cm
VBPP900400100 Venus GX 0.254 0.417 6x22x12cm
VBPP910200100 Octo GX *Available until stock 0* 0.75 0.8 8,8×12,5×10 cm
VBPP900410200 Maxi GX 20 21 32,4×69,5×53,5 cm
VBPP900700100 CANvu GX 0.6 0.66 13,5×20,5×20,5 cm
VBPP900800100 CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit 0.45 0.5 9×17,5×11,5 cm
VBPP900100200 CCGX WiFi module simple (Nano USB) 0.03 0 0
VBPP900200300 CCGX WiFi module long range (ASUS USB-N14) 0.11 0.19 3,5x19x15 cm
VBPP900300100 CCGX dongle for VE.Bus large systems 0.06 0.07 3.5x17x13 cm
VREL200200100 Energy Meter EM24 – 3 phase – max 65A/phase Ethernet 0.351 0.44 7,5x12x10cm
VREL300100000 Energy Meter ET112 – 1 phase – max 100A 0.15 0.16 5,5x13x10,5 cm
VREL300300000 Energy Meter ET340 – 3 phase – max 65A/phase 0.23 0.24 7,5x13x10,5 cm
VREL200100000 Energy Meter EM24 – 3 phase – max 65A/phase 0.351 0.44 7,5x12x10cm
VASS300420100 Zigbee to RS485 converter 0.157 0.298 25x15x5,7
VASS300420200 Zigbee to USB converter 0.125 0.256 25x15x5.7cm
VCSE000100000 AC Current sensor – single phase – max 40A 0.083 0.1 7x5x8 cm
VCTR110000500 Current Transformer 100A:50mA for MultiPlus-II (1m) 0.055 0.075 5×7,5×6,5cm
VASS000001000 Temperature sensor QUA/PMP/Venus GX 0.097 0.099 3x12x7cm
VASS000020000 Temperature sensor type C 0.097 0.099 3x12x7cm

VE.Net Products

Article code Description Net weight Gross weight Carton size
VBC000300000 VE.Net Battery Controller (VBC) 12/24/48Vdc 0.65 0.6 7x21x21cm
VBC000300000R VE.Net Battery Controller (VBC) 12/24/48Vdc Retail 0.65 0.74 29x19x5cm
VPN000100000 VE.Net Panel (VPN) 0.157 0.275 11x10x8cm
VPN000200000 VE.Net GMDSS panel 0.157 0.275 11x10x8cm
BPP000200010 VE.Net Blue Power Panel 2 0.246 0.496 8,5×21,5×15,5cm
BPP000200110R VE.Net Blue Power Control GX Retail 0.15 0.33 19x16x5 cm
VRS000100010 VE.Net Tank Monitor (Resistive) 0.6 0.65 7x21x21cm

CAN-bus Products


The VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter allows a standard resistive tank level sender to connect to the Color Control GX. It is compatible with both European standard 0-180 Ohm and United States standard 240-30 Ohm tank level senders and is accurate to ±1%. It is easily configurable to resistive senders from fuel, fresh water, waste water, well water, oil and black water (sewage) tanks. It supports up to 16 tanks of each type. The unit is a simple setup with two small rotary switches and it gets its power from the VE.Can network.When you use a Skylla-i or a MPPT with CAN bus in the system, the power to the CAN bus will be supplied by either one of them. When the CAN bus is not powered by a Skylla-I or a MPPT, you will need the new VE.Can Power Cable to supply the power.

Article code Description Net weight Gross weight Carton size
BPP900600100 VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter 0.128 0.18 7,7x16x11,5cm

Remote Panels & Monitoring

MPPT Control

Smart Battery Sense

VE.Bus Smart dongle


Stock Code Description Net weight Gross weight Carton size
VASS030536011 VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle 0.11 0.12 2x20x20cm
VASS030537010 VE.Bus Smart dongle 0.08 0.09 3x6x10 cm
VSBS050150200 Smart Battery Sense long range (up to 10m) 0.041 0.051 5x8x7cm
VGSM100200100 GX GSM 850/1900 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM900100100 Outdoor 2G and 3G GSM Antenna 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM900100400 Outdoor 4G GSM Antenna 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM100100400 GX LTE 4G-E 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM100200400 GX LTE 4G-A 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM100300400 GX LTE 4G-SA 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VGSM900200100 Active GPS Antenna 0.08 0.09 3,5x11x8,5 cm
VASS030543020 GlobalLink 520 0.104 0.225 5,5x16x11cm
VASS030538010 VE.Direct LoRaWAN EU863-870 module 0.2 0.25 5,5×15,5x11cm
VASS030540010 VE.Direct LoRaWAN US902-928 module 0.2 0.25 5,5×15,5x11cm
VASS030542010 VE.Direct LoRaWAN AU915-928 module 0.2 0.25 5,5×15,5x11cm
VREL100100000 Anti-islanding relay UFR1001E 0.23 0.35 11×17,5×13,5cm
VSCC900500000 MPPT Control 0.065 0.17 19,5x14x4,5 cm
VBPA000100010R Battery Alarm GX Retail 0.2 0.22 11×15.5×5 cm
VREC020005010 Digital Multi Control 200/200A 0.25 0.28 8.3×15.3×11.5 cm
VDMC000200010R Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX (Right Angle RJ45) Retail 0.178 0.211 11×15,5×5 cm
VREC030001210 Phoenix Inverter Control 0.06 0.118 7.8×10.8×9.6 cm
VREC040010210R Phoenix Inverter Control  VE.Direct 0.035 0.12 6,5x6x3cm
VREC010001110 Phoenix Charger Control 0.15 0.208 7.8×10.8×9.6 cm
VREC000300010R Skylla-i Control GX (Right Angle RJ45) Retail 0.065 0.215 11×15.5×5 cm
VSDRPCSV Charger switch        CE 0.14 0.15 0
VSDRPSKC Skylla control        CE 0.19 0.2 0
VASS050300010 Wall mounted enclosure for 65 x 120 mm GX-panels 0.53 0.57 7.5x15x10cm
VASS050400000 Wall mounted enclosure for Color Control GX 0.53 0.57 10x20x15cm
VASS050500000 Wall mounted enclosure for BMV or MPPT Control 0.53 0.57 7.5x15x10cm
VASS050600000 Wall mounted enclosure for Color Control GX and BMV or MPPT 0.33 0.49 10x27x15cm
VASS060000100 USB extension cable 0,3m one side right angle 0.027 0.03 18x11x1cm


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