Smart Solar Systems

for Homes, Mini-grids, Businesses & Industrial Clients (On-Grid, Off-Grid, Mini-grids)

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Clean Cost-effective Energy Anywhere

  • Solar power is fast becoming one of the cheapest forms of electricity.
  • Combined with battery storage, power generated by solar panels during the day can be dispatched as and when required.
  • Solar energy is freely and abundantly available, virtually anywhere on earth, but especially in Africa.
  • Solar power shields homeowners and businesses from power blackouts and future electricity price hikes.
  • The carbon footprint of solar power generators is much lower than that of coal or gas-fired power plants (about 10 to 20 times).
What we do

Our Services

Solar Design

Sunray has more than 10 years’ experience in the design and installation of quality solar systems and uses state-of-art software to design high-quality solar systems to international standards.

Solar Products

Sunray supplies highest quality solar equipment such as inverters, solar panels, mounting structures, batteries, and accessories.

Solar Installation

Well-designed solar systems can work poorly if  not properly installed. Sunray employs highly qualified technical staff to install systems to international standards.


Solar Technology

Solar technology has advanced significantly during the past couple of years. Today’s smart solar systems are significantly more sophisticated than systems installed only a few years ago.