New Mecer Hybrid Inverter




New Mecer Hybrid Inverter: Now with Power Factor of 1

  • Improved load up to 5kW
  • Increased solar up to 4kW
  • More charge up to 140A
  • More units up to 9 in parallel
  • Same compact design
  • Same incredible Price





Lithium Ion Battery









  • LiFePO4
  • 1kW.h to 3MW.h!
  • 5000 cycles at 70% DOD
  • High charge and discharge rates






Sunray Now Sells Victron





Victron Inverters and Chargers

  • Multiplus
  • Quattro
  • BlueSolar
  • Color Monitor
  • Much more




Hybrid Pumps




Hybrid AC Pumps

  • Power from AC and DC Power
  • Built-in control
  • 0.5 to 3HP available
  • German Technology
  • Easy Installation



Solar Home Kit




Pre-designed kits

  • Solar Hybrid
  • Home UPS
  • Offgrid DC

All you need to beat the grid



315W Solar Panel




PV Panel 315W-36V

  • Wmp = 315W
  • Vmp = 36V
  • Imp = 8.75A
  • Weight = 19.0kg
  • 10 Year performance guarantee





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New Products

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Ground Mount Structure

Sunray exhibited our newly developed Ground Mount Structure at Agritech 2018 in Chisamba. This system will allow a wide array of panels to be mounted effortlessly and securely and is especially well suited for pumping applications. The advantages include:

  • Infinitely scaleable
  • Compact transportation
  • Various panels
  • 15 Deg tilt for peak utilization

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries are the newest commercial product in the energy storage space and promises to accelerate the push towards renewable energy.

  • The batteries have a 15 year design life
  • Maximum discharge rate of 10C (for 5 sec)
  • Maximum charge rate: C/2
  • Operating temperature of -40 to 60
  • >5000 cycles at 70% DOD

Lead Carbon Batteries

Lead carbon batteries offer extreme performance for any renewable energy storage requirements.

  • The batteries have a 15 year design life
  • Maximum discharge rate of 10C (for 5 sec)
  • Maximum charge rate: C/2
  • Operating temperature of -40 to 60
  • >2000 cycles at 50% DOD

Pure Gel Batteries

These pure gel batteries from Ritar is a very high quality energy storage unit. They are available in 150 and 200Ah versions, and provide good cycle life in harsh environments.

The perfect candidate for solar installations in the hot Zambian climate…

Wide Range of AC Pumps

These high quality AC pumps deliver anywhere from 1 000l/h up to 18 000l/h, with heads ranging from 50m to more than 300m. We have pre-designed kits for a wide set of operating conditions, and can size a custom system within minutes.

This is the ultimate in solar water pumping convenience…

Remote Monitoring

Sunray’s professional Battery Monitoring System provides you will all the information needed to keep your system in top notch condition.

See how much power is produced or what the charge state of your battery is…



Sunray has a team of installation specialists, with extensive solar system and pump installation experience. We constantly learn, adapt and improve to add the final touch of excellence to any of our systems.

Read more about the team or

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