SRNE All-in-one Energy Storage

Vertical Energy Storage

– Long Life

– Easy to install

– Multiple working modes

– Fast and flexible charging

– Scalability

CFE Lithium Battery

CFE High Power Lithium Battery

  • 5kWh, 48V
  • 1C Discharge/0.6C Charge
  • Compatable with Victron and Sunsynk
  • Great Value
  • In stock now!


SunSynk Hybrid System now Available!

  • Single phase models 3.6 kW, 5.5 kW, 8.8 kW and 16 kW (up to 12 units in parallel)
  • Three-phase models 8 kW, 10 kW & 12 kW (up to 15 units in parallel)
  • IP65 protection
  • Build-in powerful MPPT solar chargers
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Compatible with both Lithium and lead-acid batteries


Complete Range of Victron Products

  • Inverters
  • Inverter Chargers
  • Solar Controllers
  • Monitoring
  • So much more

Pylontech Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion Battery

  • Excellent Value
  • 6 000 cycles @ 90% DOD
  • High Charge and Discharge rate
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Available in 2.5, 3.5 and 5.0kWh blocks
  • Directly parallel up to 16 units for 80kWh of storage, or, use a BMS Hub to connect up to 5 groups of 80kWh for 400kWh storage!

We Design, Supply & Install High Quality Solar Systems.

Sunray Power Company is a Zambian company with main offices in Lusaka. Our services include design of bespoke solar solutions, monitoring of installations and PV Solar training.

Solar Panels


Deep Cycle Batteries

Charge Controllers

Mounting Structures


Solar Water Pumps

Solar Pump Controllers + VFD's

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Sunray has successfully complete more than 250 solar home- and solar water pump installations.

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What clients are saying

 “We have now been in the new house for a month. Despite many rainy and overcast days, we have not had to run the generator set at all. A fabulous success story to you and your team, thanks again.”

Lodge owner near Kufue National Park

Sunray were an excellent addition to the team…they held themselves to the highest professional standards allowing me to concentrate on other areas of the project. Beyond this, they were generous with their time, knowledge, and their overall capability; … I will be forever grateful for the professionalism that Sunray demonstrated throughout their time with us and the collaborative, friendly, and insightful approach they manifested every day in order that we might meet our deadlines. Project Manager for the upgrade of Consulate in Lusaka, which included the installation of 60 kW solar system by Sunray.

Project Manager for upgrade of Consulate in Lusaka, which included the installation of 60 kW solar system by Sunray

 “Sunray Power did solar installations on two of our training centers in Zambia. Our systems are running now for a year and a half without any problems. We would highly recommend their professional services. What makes them such a unique company, is their strong intellectual grounding of engineering solar systems combined with highly skilled technical personnel.”

Lodge owner near Kufue National Park

“It is my turn to thank you and the Sunray team very much. Only thanks to your great patience, a lot of initiative and flexibility, great commitment and high creativity it was possible to implement this project.”

NGO in Tanzania

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