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Pylon Tech Lithium Ion




Lithium Ion Battery

  • Excellent Value
  • 6 000 cycles @ 80% DOD
  • High Charge and Discharge rate
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Available in 2.5 and 3.5kW.h blocks
  • Parallel up to 7 units for 24kW.h of storage!





SuperCap Solar Storage







Sirius SuperCap Solar Energy Storage

  • More than 100 000 cycles!
  • 100% DOD
  • Low self-discharge
  • 45 year operating life
  • 10 year warranty







New Mecer Hybrid Inverter






New Mecer Hybrid Inverter: Now with Power Factor of 1

  • Improved load up to 5kW
  • Increased solar up to 4kW
  • More charge up to 140A
  • More units up to 9 in parallel
  • Same compact design
  • Same incredible Price













Victron Inverters and Chargers

  • Multiplus
  • Quattro
  • BlueSolar
  • Color Monitor
  • Much more






Hybrid Pumps






Hybrid AC Pumps

  • Power from AC and DC Power
  • Built-in control
  • 0.5 to 3HP available
  • German Technology
  • Easy Installation




Agritech 2019

Sunray Power Company will be exhibiting at the 2019 Agritech Expo in Chisamba.

Visit us at Stand A34 to see the latest in Solar PV, Solar Water Pumping and energy Storage Technology.

We will also give away fantastic daily prizes. Enter by filling out your details at our stand.

Feedback from Previous Training

Remote Monitoring

Sunray’s professional Battery Monitoring System provides you will all the information needed to keep your system in top notch condition.

See how much power is produced or what the charge state of your battery is…



Sunray has a team of installation specialists, with extensive solar system and pump installation experience. We constantly learn, adapt and improve to add the final touch of excellence to any of our systems.

Read more about the team or

Contact us to book an installation

See a collection of our latest installations

Recent Installations

First SuperCap

During 2018, Sunray Power Company installed our first SuperCap high energy solar storage device in Zambia. This is a first in the country and introduces Zambia to a new era in energy storage.

The supercap, with a 45 year service life and 100 000 cycles, is the ideal companion for PV solar. The very high charge and discharge rates, coupled with incredible cycle life is the perfect match for the intermittent nature of PV solar.

The system comprised of

  • 6x 3.55kWh Sirius SuperCaps
  • 2x 5kW Mecer 5kVA Inverters
  • 24x 320W PV Panels
  • Aluminium roof mount structure
  • Comprehensive battery monitoring

Zietsman 3kVA

This installation was done on 3 May on a farm near Mukushi. The system comprised of a large, 2 x 3 x 200Ah battery bank, connected to our very popular 3kVA eMax inverter and powered by 9 x 250W Solar panels. In addition to the built-in MPPT of the inverter, an additional charger was used for the extra panel capacity. This turned out to be a very elegant system for the clients’ need.

Hybrid Victron System

Sunray installed and commissioned a Victron grid-connected Hybrid system.


5kVA MultiPlus Inverter

Blue Solar 70A MPPT

Color Control with online monitoring

4x 200Ah Batteries

Chongwe AC Pump Conversion

On 20 April, Sunray did an installation in Chongwe that converted an existing pump that was powered by a generator to run from solar power. This conversion used one of our highly sophisticated solar pump controllers, and, together with high quality panels and technical expertise, will now pump water for free deep into the future.


1Hp, 220V single phase AC Pump

9x 120W High Voltage solar panels

AAR Japan Offgrid with BMS

This is an offgrid system with our battery monitoring system. 4x 250W solar panels provide power to the system while the BMS keeps any eye on the usage and battery state.


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